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Private Price List

Dental Exam with x-rays



White composite filling from


 1 surface



 2 surfaces



3 surfaces plus





Composite Bonding

From £250per Tooth 





Surgical Extraction



Surgical impacted wisdom tooth



Tooth Whitening (4 syringes with trays)



Maryland bridge pontic



Maryland wing



Bridge Unit (Emax and PBC)

£325.00 per



Porcelain Bonded Crown



Emax crown



Core 3D crown



Gold Crown



Onlay's From 

Direct Onlay  £280.00
Indirect Onlay  £440.00  

Full Acrylic Denture

£480.00 each


Co/Cr denture



Flexi denture up to 8 teeth





Single Root canal treatment





Molar Root Canal Treatment



Implant Consultation

Fee taken of when you proceed to treament






Implant Crown/Bridge



Bone Augmentation 



Young people (under 26 years old) and adults exempt from charges

Check up, prevention advice and any treatment required £0.00

Adults (26 years old + )

Check up £0.00

Check up and two routine x-rays £11.04

Check up, enhanced preventive advice and preventive treatments £15.68

Emergency assessment and some emergency treatments £15.68

Re-cement of crown £15.68

Check up, oral hygiene and one session of deep gum treatment £32.24

Review of gum health £0.00

Check up, preventive advice, two small x-rays, one tooth

extraction and large metal filling on back tooth £82.68

Emergency appointment and one tooth extraction £28.84

Check up, 2 small x-rays root canal treatment and crown £255.24 - £384

Check up and full set of upper and lower dentures with special trays £344.32 - £384

Denture repair £50.88

Check up, one small x-ray, one tooth extraction and fit of a single tooth denture £151.40

Check up, one small x-ray, study models (casts of teeth), and three tooth bridge £384.00

Maximum patient charge for one course of treatment £384.00




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